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3d rendering of a brandless generic car of my own design in a tunnel with heavy motion blur

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MillCraft 3D was created in 2016 with the goal of combining the founders’ years of experience in mould, tool and prototype construction and part machining.
We are located in the Swabian town of Affalterbach in a fully air-conditioned 750 m² production hall.
With a team of specialists who have defined high quality standards for their work, we are the best partner for your project.
Due to our extensive network, we can realise even large projects absolutely reliably, coordinate multiple tasks and thus offer comprehensive service meeting your individual requirements from one source.

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MillCraft 3D


We offer our customers an optimal solution, from the idea to the finished product.
Our expertise guarantees top-quality processing of plastic or metal components.

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Gühring – our tool management system

Gühring – our tool management system

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No more sweating!

No more sweating!

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Health is a point of pride

Health is a point of pride

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    MillCraft 3D | The Shapers!

    It starts with an idea. Inspiration can come from the spontaneous idea of an individual, or it may arise through collective brainstorming within the business group. But even the best idea serves no purpose if it is not implemented. This is where we come in. With a team of highly skilled and creative minds, we give your idea an initial outline: a shape. As a specialist in prototype construction, we’re passionate about design and modelling.
    Prototyping by professionals
    Why is prototyping so important? It’s simple! Because the prototype design is the basis for whether or not the production phase will be successful and achieve the desired quality. That’s why we and our modern 5-axis machining centre work on your project until we are 100% satisfied with its functionality and appearance and until it fully meets your expectations.
    Our CNC expertise enables us to design at a high level. This is the standard we adhere to, not only when it comes to prototype construction, but also for parts machining. Our professional design process uses sophisticated 3D visualizations that demonstrate our development skills. We are also happy to take on unusual challenges in prototyping and in tool and mould construction. Our experts continue to tinker until we can present you with a mature solution that perfectly meets your needs.
    Designing for a wide range of applications
    Flexibility is the clincher with MillCraft 3D; individuality is the key. That’s why we take on any challenge in the field of prototyping, which is the heart of exciting projects. We design custom-fit solutions independent of the material: we’re as comfortable working with plastic as we are with metal or Perspex. Our know-how ranges from planning to a product that is ready for series production. Despite our passion for prototyping and design, we never lose sight of the fact that it is your project, your “baby”. What you want for the design is therefore the benchmark, and no compromises are made there.
    Whether it’s a small idea or a large-scale project, we are passionate about taking this initial idea as a spark and inspiration and making it a reality. From Affalterbach and out into the wider world, we enrich projects with our expertise, but also with a pinch of lateral thinking, which is necessary for the creation of unique and new shapes.
    Have we sparked your interest in expert prototype construction? Then we invite you to browse through our pages and discover from our testimonials what our designs are like.
    There’s no such thing as “no can do”. Even when it comes to prototyping. Please contact us even if you think your project is not represented on these pages. We look forward to hearing from you!


    MillCraft 3D GmbH

    Robert-Bosch-Str. 26

    Germany / 71563 Affalterbach

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