Our Equipment

We have ultra-modern 5-axis CNC systems with which even large and complicated 3D contours can be produced with ease.
1x Zimmermann FZ33
1x DMG MORI HSC 105 linear
1x DMG MORI HSC 105 linear (since 09/2019)

Zimmermann FZ33

Zimmermann FZ33
Zimmermann FZ33 Compact / FZ33.068c
Heidenhain TC 640
Machine bench:
2500 mm x 4250 mm
Working range:
X=2500 mm
Y=4000 mm
Z=1500 mm
Milling head:
VH 20 with HSK63A tool mounting
45 kW, 25,000 rpm, HSK A 63
Tool changer:
Chain 50-fold
Renishaw RMP 60Q measuring probe
Blum laser tool measuring
and tool breakage control system
“Control NT-Micro”

DMG MORI HSC 105 Linear

DMG MORI HSC 105 linear
Heidenhain iTC 530 HSCI
Machine bench:
Ø 950 mm
Working range:
X= 1050 mm
Y= 800 mm
Z= 560 mm
Milling head:
Clevis with HSK63A tool mounting
20 kW, 18,000 rpm, HSK A 63
Tool changer:
Pickup chain magazine with 60 spaces
Renishaw PP 60 optical (OMP60) measuring probe
3D quickSET
Application Tuning Cycle ATC software

Our  Software

In TEBIS, we have the best CAD/CAM software to cover all relevant work.
This state-of-the-art software enables us to guarantee efficient programming. Thanks to the many years of experience our team has in this field, we can offer you a process-oriented and cost-optimised service.
All common interfaces and data formats in CAT5, VDA, STP, IGS, NX, STL etc. can of course be handled.

3D Scannning

3D Scanner Creaform Handyscan 700 

Hand-held, self-positioning laser scanner with high resolution. Maximum deviation in the scan range of 30 µ.
Maximum deviation per running metre 60 µ
Digitisation of small parts, up to entire vehicles
Reverse engineering
Component measurement
Measurement report with Polyworks Inspector
On-site scan services available