Our  Services

We have ultra-modern 5-axis CNC systems with which even large and complicated 3D contours can be produced with ease.
With this equipment, we cover a wide range of materials for machining and processing, such as foam materials, all common model-making materials, POM, PMMA, other plastics, CFRP, GFRP, aramid fabric, aluminium, brass and more.

Our know-how guarantees reproducible precision with the highest of quality.
Our portfolio includes:

– Design

– CAD/CAM programming and services

– Models

– Moulds

– Tools for series

– Injection moulding tools

– Lamination tools

– Vacuum deep-drawing tools

– Cubings

– Testing, measuring and adhesive gauges

– Demonstration models

– Foaming tools

– 3D Scans


– Deep-drawing moulds

– Design models

– Clamping fixtures

– Prototypes

– Reverse engineering

– Lightweight construction

– Fibre composite technology

– Composite products

– Parts machining

– Trade fair exhibits

– Data control models and leather cover models

– Tool changes or repairs

– Component measurement (measurement reports)

Moulding. Modelling. Designing. Milling. MillCraft 3D is a whole host of services!

Our core expertise is turning your idea into a physical model. This applies equally to prototype construction, toolmaking and mould making. We turn inspiration from the minds of our customers into a tangible experience. We accomplish this in our everyday work with skill. With creativity. And with a drop of inventiveness. Whether your project is made of plastic or aluminium is not of crucial importance for our experts in the field. When it comes to mould construction – we find a solution for every need. And the greater the challenge for mould making, tool or prototype construction, the more dedicated we are to our work. We plan and design until your idea becomes tangible and visible as a project.

Experience mould making by professionals

If you entrust us with a project, we will discuss exactly which solution you really need. Will these tools go into series production, or do you first want to test them as a prototype in the production process? Do you need a design made into a mould or CNC programming as a supplementary service? Does your production focus on lightweight construction and are complex composite products your business, or do you need foaming tools? Do you need tools for deep drawing or for injection moulding?
As you can see, the conversation between us will be a first and important step to making your project a success. If mould making or any other kind of work is to become a project for the future, good preparatory work is an indispensable prerequisite. This applies to both prototype construction and parts machining.


XXL models and trade fair exhibits

We provide mould construction, tools of various designs and design of special models, and not only for production. Our service portfolio also includes models for presentation at trade fairs. We are particularly enthusiastic about planning, designing and moulding an exhibit as a genuine innovation for a trade audience. Do you have a new product you’d like to present to your visitors in a larger scale or as an illustrative model? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Mould construction for individual requirements

You will not find us offering you standard solutions. We develop for each customer, each project, a unique outcome resulting from our collaboration. This can include fibre composite technology on a new level as well as reverse engineering, clamping fixtures or design models. For us, form and function go hand in hand. What’s more, an attractive design is the icing on the cake of our work.
We haven’t been able to present our full range of services in the limited space available here. Are you looking for something in particular that you didn’t find here right away? Let us know and take advantage of what we can offer you in the fields of mould making and tool and prototype construction.


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